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The Big Poppa Smokers brand of award-winning rubs and seasoning hit the ground in 2011 and have been changing the flavor profile in competition and backyard BBQ ever since. Big Poppa Smokers rubs have had a hand in winning nearly every major BBQ competition: The Jack Daniel's Invitational, Houston Livestock & Rodeo Show, American Royal Open, American Royal Invitational, Kingsford Invitational, and King of the Smoker. From elite BBQ teams to backyard BBQ enthusiasts,


Big Poppa Smokers rubs have a flavor profile for everyone. BPS Championship BBQ Rubs also work wonders in the kitchen; restaurants and caterers from across the country use Big Poppa's rubs on their menu items. Quickly and easily enhance the flavor profile of your food with our BBQ Rubs


Sweet Money BBQ Rub - 204g  - Sweet Money is the #1 rub for pork and ribs in the competition BBQ circuit. It’s a powerful blend of savory flavors that help take BBQ recipes to the next level - some say it’s even better in the backyard. It’s no surprise that you’ll find this BBQ rub in the BBQ arsenal of winning competition teams.


Sweet Money starts off savory and sweet and finishes a slight kick of heat. This balanced blend between savory, salty and sweet flavors keep BBQ pro’s and backyard cooks alike coming back for more. The secret is in the large rocks of high-quality sea salt and granulated honey. The rocks of salt melt into meat creating a savory finish. 


The versatile flavor profile of Sweet Money makes this pork and rib rub great on more than just pork recipes - Big Poppa loves using it on chicken too. Sweet Money boosts the flavor of your BBQ recipes while adding a pleasant bark and shine.


Poppa's Tip: Let your meat "sweat"/rest for about 5-10 minutes before cooking for the best results. Gluten-free


Money BBQ Rub - 198g  - Prepare yourself for a wave of compliments when you season your favorite BBQ meats with Money BBQ Rub. Money Rub is widely used in the competition BBQ circuit, in the backyard and in the kitchens of many for its powerful, and versatile flavor profile. 


Money rub offers a well-balanced blend of savory spices with a slight hint of sweetness making it great for any recipe - pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and it’s even great on vegetables! The secret behind the savory flavor is the large rocks of salt. The rocks of salt melt into meats creating a savory finish. Money BBQ rub not only packs powerful flavor but also adds great color to meats.


This is the all-purpose BBQ rub that chefs from across various cooking platforms count on to boost the flavor of their recipes. 


Poppa's Tip: Let your meat "sweat"/rest for about 5-10 minutes before cooking for the best results. MSG-free, Gluten-free

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