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Deep South East Rub - 150g Varieties

Award winning range of Deep South East rubs now available.  Locally owned and made right here in Brisbane, Deep South East provide a great range of rubs for every protein.


SOB 150g - A very bold comp rub with a coffee twist. Jalapeno and cayenne on the back end with molasses and coconut notes.


Pig Candy 150g - Sweet with a little cayenne heat, Pig Candy is a true pig 'n' wing rub.


Pig Doctor 150g - Perfect results every time, mild anise compliments the various sugars and aromatics.


Sweet Meat 150g - All purpose designed pork and chicken comp rub with a unique sweet and savory flavour profile balanced with Coconut and cherry undertones. Also excellent on lamb and beef.


Lamb Dust 150g - Herbal, savory and gives a crusty golden bark and a perfect balance to sweet lamb.


Trigger Happy 150g - Award winning, truly original rub used by multiple comp teams, Trigger Happy will blow you away.


Ultimate Rub Pack - Includes 5 x 150g competition rubs- Pig Candy, Trigger Happy, S.O.B, Sweet Meat and Lamb Dust. Saving 12.5%.