Jack Daniels Sauces and Glaze 280g & 300g

Jack Daniels Sauces and Glaze 280g & 300g

The Jack Daniel’s name is synonymous with good times! Add a shot of Jack Daniel’s to a range of barbecue sauces and you’ve got the makings of a spectacular occasion! Jack Daniel’s are licensed BBQ sauces made with the time-honoured Whiskey brand that fans have known and loved since 1866. Only genuine Jack Daniel’s goes into every bottle, for a flavour that must be experienced to be believed.Each has its very own distinct flavour profile and personality. Every steak, snag, burger or barbecued brisket that rolls off the hot plate or grill will taste like it was marinated in the Deep South. Re-create authentic Southern flavours just like those from a barbecue restaurant, in your own home. Every drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee at America’s oldest registered distillery. The folks there still use the same care and methods that Jack Daniel established back in 1866. This commitment to quality, along with the unique charcoal-mellowed flavour, has led to Jack Daniel’s fame around the world. A simple reminder that quality and responsibility never go out of style.They say the original is always the best but that could be a matter of opinion. Meanwhile, Jack Daniel’s Original BBQ Sauce is the most logical place to start if you’re experimenting with good Southern flavours. You can use it as a pizza sauce and top with pulled pork and sliced capsicums, lay a line of it along a good old sausage in a slice of bread or set your pork or beef to chill a while in it before cooking up your best barbecued meats ever! Pass it around and enjoy being the hero cook!Jack Daniel’s Smokey Tomato & Onion BBQ Sauce. Brimming with smokey flavour, this one will bring the barbecue spirit indoors, wherever you are. It starts with a tomato base, rounded out with sweet onion and spiked with the perfect dash of Jack Daniel’s. Keep it at hand on the table and whatever you do, don’t forget to pack it in the esky for picnics.Ramp up the heat! Jack Daniel’s Jalapeno Chilli BBQ Sauce has what it takes to get the tastebuds good and fiery. Best to start slow then build on it to arrive at the optimal heat factor. The vibrant orange colour is the first clue so go easy and savour the sensations. Awesome with sausages and pork and definitely try it on barbecued prawns!Jack Daniel’s Sweet Honey BBQ Glaze. This sweet, sticky concoction is the ultimate finger-licking sauce to slather all over your chicken, duck or lamb. Use it generously as a marinade or apply it to the meat while barbecuing. The combination of honey and Jack Daniel’s will be an irresistible temptation so keep it around always.Jack Daniel's Tennessee Style Steak Sauce - Take your tastebuds on a journey to the dirty south with this versatile Jack Daniel's Steak Sauce. It's a great addition to any steak (or any other savoury hero ingredient of the dish) as a sauce or even a glaze. Simply apply to the savoury hero of your dish in the last few minutes of cooking for a tasty caramelised coating. This delicious duo pack comes just in time for summer, aka BBQ season. You can split these up as great stocking stuffers, keep one for yourself and gift the other, or bundle them together to treat that special someone who loves BBQ season more than the next. 

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