Jackalope Shakers - 240g

Jackalope Shakers - 240g

Jackalope Memphis Magic Lite Dust Rub -

Introducing the newest product Memphis Magic Dust Lite! All the flavour of our famous Memphis Magic Dust without the heat. 

Feeding the kids? Like things mild? Got a mate that can’t handle the heat? This one is for you! We’ve been making this in bulk for our amazing catering customers for a while, now you can have it at home.

Jackalope The Rub - 

With the perfect balance of sweet, sour and savoury, The Rub is the great all rounder. Originally created for lamb, it is also perfect on all cuts of chicken, beef and seafood. It's even a great seasoning for fries and roast vegetables. Gluten Free.

Jackalope The Dark Side Rub - 

With the rich aroma of roasted coffee and the perfect balance of spices and sweetness, The Dark Side is the perfect rub for any cut of beef. Give your brisket or shorties the perfect flavour and bark, or level up your steak game. Do not underestimate the power of The Dark Side. Gluten Free. Contains Caffeine.

Jackalope SPG Rub -

The perfect ratio of kosher salt, restaurant grade pepper and roasted fine garlic granules. This rub is perfect for low and slow cuts of beef, or on your favourite steak cuts. A perfect all round seasoning. Gluten Free and Sugar Free.

Jackalope Memphis Magic Dust Rub -

Memphis Magic Dust gives a spicy kick! Use on ribs or pulled pork, also great for chicken. Use as a flour seasoning for perfect spicy wings! Gluten Free and Sugar Free.

Jackalope Adobo Rub -

Our signature rub, with a touch of heat and sweet. It's perfect for low and slow cuts. Use as a base for chilli or sprinkle on your steak or chicken before grilling. Gluten Free and Salt Free

Jackalope Pastrami Rub -

Rub on corned beef (or brine your own!) for the perfect pastrami. With its peppery and fragrant flavour profile it's also great on chicken.
Gluten Free and Salt Free.
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