Johnny Mac’s Rubs

Johnny Mac’s Rubs

- Chicken rub (285g) Developed originally for use on wings as a unique spice rub – this versatile rub has hints of asian spices and offers a subtle heat in the finish.

But don’t restrict yourself to just chicken! Crazy Chook works well on all cuts of poultry and we’ve even enjoyed it on pork ribs and fish!

- Ready to take your beef to the next level?

Bonkers Beef (240g)  lifts the flavour of any cut of beef, providing a rich blend of spices for the perfect steak, rump, picanha, tri tip, brisket or whatever your favourite is!

- Give your pork dishes a punchy hit with our Punchy Pork! (240g) From ribs, to shoulder, even chops you’ll add an amazing flavour with a great colour to your cook.

- From chops to racks, shoulders to backstraps, our Lively Lamb (175g) offers a herb hit with a hint of lemon and a touch of heat. As an alternative, try it on some grilled halloumi!

All rubs are 
Gluten Free
MSG Free
No Artificial Colours of Flavours
Preservative Free
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