Pitboss Premium Briquette Pillows - 4kg

Pitboss Premium Briquette Pillows - 4kg





The PITBOSS™ range – Why it is better for you


PITBOSS™ Premium BBQ Charcoal Range offers the ultimate outdoor grilling & cooking choices.

The PITBOSS™ range is premium, of the highest grade and 100% natural with no added chemicals or synthetic additives.



The PITBOSS™ Premium BBQ Charcoal Range – features & Benefits:

  • Diversified range  – there’s a product for every application and style
  • Premium quality – Burns hotter, cleaner, 100% charcoal!
  • 100% natural – Untreated, no additives, no chemicals
  • Consistent and Uniform
  • No spark, low ash
  • Pure – no stones, sticks or chips. Each package contains the same quality Charcoal, and nothing else.


Quick and consistent, Pitboss™ Premium Pillows are a natural, highly compressed charcoal that will provide you with the continuous heat to grill like a pro.


All uniform in size, Pitboss™ Premium Pillows offers you consistency in burning time and even heat distribution to enhance your grilling experience.


Suitable for most cooking styles, this unique charcoal pillow is the quickest and easiest option to get you grilling with the Pitboss™ Premium range.


Pitboss™ Premium Pillows are sustainably sourced and 100% natural.

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