Pitboss Premium Lump Charcoal - 4kg

Pitboss Premium Lump Charcoal - 4kg





The PITBOSS™ range – Why it is better for you


PITBOSS™ Premium BBQ Charcoal Range offers the ultimate outdoor grilling & cooking choices.

The PITBOSS™ range is premium, of the highest grade and 100% natural with no added chemicals or synthetic additives.



The PITBOSS™ Premium BBQ Charcoal Range – features & Benefits:

  • Diversified range  – there’s a product for every application and style
  • Premium quality – Burns hotter, cleaner, 100% charcoal!
  • 100% natural – Untreated, no additives, no chemicals
  • Consistent and Uniform
  • No spark, low ash
  • Pure – no stones, sticks or chips. Each package contains the same quality Charcoal, and nothing else.


Versatile and effective, Pitboss™ Premium Lump is a natural, strong-burning heat source, providing you with a stable high heat, natural aroma and smoke that will infuse even more taste into your BBQ masterpiece.


Suitable for all BBQ applications, Pitboss™ Premium Lump is sure to complement your style and choice of grilling.


Pitboss™ Premium Lump is sustainably sourced and made of 100% natural hardwood.

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