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Ironwood Smokers In House BBQ Consulting and Cooking Lessons

We can teach you how to cook real low and slow BBQ in the comfort of your own home.

The low and slow BBQ scene here in Australia has boomed over the last few years with BBQ Smokers being the purchase of choice over the ordinary and drab gas BBQ. Whilst BBQ isn't rocket science, it is definitely an art that requires care, attention and patience. If you don't do it right, you're family and friends will know and will have a hard time swallowing your over smoked and rubbery meat offerings.

We have a lot of first timers and beginners visit us at Ironwood Smokers HQ who have experienced low and slow BBQ at either a restaurant, BBQ competition or at a friends house and naturally want to be a able to cook these great smoked meats at home. Unfortunately for some, their BBQ journey doesn't begin like they imagined and by the time they've visited us they have had two to three disaster cooks and are thinking about putting their smoker up for sale on Gumtree!

This is where we can help. We not only offer Group BBQ Masterclasses but also subject specific one on one classes for the BBQ'er who needs a little more TLC. Regardless of your knowledge, we can teach you whatever you need work on, whether it's fire management, pit temperature control, wood and charcoal selections, how to prep and cook a brisket or just general help with your new smoker. We have experience with a whole range of smokers from Webers, ProQ's, cabinet smokers, gas smokers, vertical smokers, offsets (both direct and reverse flow) and trailer smokers, so you can be sure that we can help you improve your BBQ game.

Want to host a mini BBQ class at your home? We can arrange that too. All you need to do is get a bunch of your mates together and we can host an intimate BBQ class at yours and cover any BBQ subject/s you wish. We can use your smoker, meats and equipment or we can bring our Hogpit trailer smoker and everything else required. We've done classes and dinners for poker nights and bucks nights. The possibilities are endless!

Each consult is custom tailored to suit your requirements. Email us at or call Steve on 0412 353 694 to get your BBQ journey back on track.