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Grilling & Low n Slow BBQ Masterclass - 22 June 2019

Saturday June 22, 2019 - The backdrop, Mt Crosby. The sun was out and the weather was perfect for BBQ'ing. Ironwood Smokers' latest BBQ masterclass was a hit. This was our biggest class to date. A 6 hour tutorial of Grilling with fire and charcoal, discussing all things low and slow, enjoying a great feed, a beer or three and talking all things BBQ. Attendees were able to get up close and personal to see live cooking at its best. What more could you want!?

The calm before the storm - We were set up early for a 10am start. All BBQ's at the ready and keen to be fired up! Two Kamado Joe's, a Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber Kettle, two Hogpit smokers (The Squealer and the Mini) and our Hogpit trailer were ready for a good workout.

We kicked off the class with BBQ grilling and the art of cooking with fire. Fire lighting, fire management and smoker management was demonstrated and discussed with each unit. We discussed the differing cooking styles of each and the pros and cons. It was then time to get cooking!

We started with rotisserie chicken on the Kamado Joe. Using the very popular Smokey Q Chicken Rub on one and Mis Ruben's White Magic on the other, the results were outstanding and was quickly consumed by the crowd. We used Clean Heat charcoal in our cook and the flavour from the charcoal, combined with the rub and a couple of Apple Chunks was a great combination. Cooked at 350f until 165f internal, the meat was tender, juicy and full of flavour.

Next was Rump Cap, again on the Kamado Joe using the rotisserie and Clean Heat charcoal. We opted for a simple yet very effective rub of Salt, Pepper and Garlic in the form of Jackalope's SPG rub. A hit of smoke, courtesy of our Cherry Chunks, paired well with the beef. The Rump cap was cooked at 350f until an internal temp of 125f was reached. We then opened the lid of the Kamado and let the flames kiss the rump untili it was 130f, this developed a beautiful outer crust.

Smoked Salmon followed, this time using the trusty Weber Kettle. Thanks to our good friends (and Mt Crosby neighbours) at the Fish Kitchen Dutton Park, we got our hands on some fantastic Australian caught Salmon. We used Lanes BBQ's Qnami Rub and Mis Rubens White Magic for the Salmon portions and Jackalope's new Lamb rub for the fillet.

We used our Oak Grilling Planks which provided an indirect cooking method together with a great smokey flavour to the dish. The flavour from the rubs and the smoke and colour from the planks made for some very tasty Salmon!

We saved the best til last, Reverse Seared Tomahawk Steaks! These were a couple of 900g beauties. Thick with a good amount of fat throughout, they were the perfect choice for reverse searing.

Rubbed with Jackalope's new Coffee Rub and the other with Jackalope's SPG rub, the flavour profiles were spot on for steak. These were smoked in Hogpit's Squealer Offset over Ironbark with a hit of French and American Oak until an internal temp of 125f was achieved.

Rested for 10mins, then seared over the Squealer's Firebox until 130f internal was reached, a beautiful Medium Rare. Consumption took less than a minute!

It was now time to grab a beer, sit down, relax and talk all things low and slow. An in depth discussion was had including rub selections, sauce profiles, different meat cuts and cooking styles, flavour profiles and a demonstration on how to prepare, trim and cook Brisket, Pulled Pork and Pork Ribs. This was followed by a great Q&A session.

By the end of the Low and Slow discussion, punters were ready for another feed. This time a platter of brisket, pulled pork, pit beans and all the trimmings. With all Ironwood Smokers classes, you never go home hungry!

During the late lunch the Door Prize Gift Basket was drawn and the meat tray winner was announced. These boys went home very happy with a great selection of rubs, sauces, woods and brisket, pork butt and pork ribs.

A huge thank you to all attendees, your enthusiasm and contribution was very much appreciated. A special shout out to Pitmaster Mike for his massive help on the day.

Thanks also to our contributors who made this day possible -

Our next class is coming up shortly so keep an eye out on our Facebook Page!