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Cooking With Fire! BBQ Masterclass - 8 May 2021

We're Back! Our first class for 2021 and we're kicking off with a cracker of a class. Located at the Mt Crosby Bowls Club, this class promises to be a massive day of learning all things Low N Slow and Cooking with fire. We'll have our Smoker Trailer onsite cooking up a huge buffet dinner at the end of the class together with some fantastic cooking units to showcase what you can cook over fire!

This class will be highly interactive where you get to help prep and cook on each unit and get to sample the finished product. Todd (Jackalope Rubs) Pitmaster Mike and Steve will guide you through the various cooking styles and showcase how each cooking unit can produce mouth watering dishes.

Graze on the above during the class and then enjoy a huge all you can eat buffet dinner at the end. You can also partake in some free barefoot bowls! We'll also include your first 4 beers or house wine with the Mt Crosby Bowls Club bar only a short walk from the class. We'll be sticking around at the end of the class to enjoy a few beers and talk more on all things BBQ.

Every class attendee will receive 1 free ticket to go into the draw to win a huge door prize! Further tickets can be purchased on the day.

We'll also have a Raffle for your chance to win all the trimmed and prepped low and slow cuts from the class including a selection of rubs and sauces.

If your partner, friend, or significant other would like to join you at the Buffet Dinner at the end of the class, there is an option for them to join you. The price for this add on option is just $45, or you can just join us as a bowls club patron for the buffet dinner at $45.

Buy your tickets - CLICK HERE

Looking forward to seeing you there!!